U-Trough Augers

Grain Handling Equipment

Today, we design, deliver, and install our systems in seed houses, feed mills, and lumber processing facilities world wide.  We also manufacture nearly every component of a Honeyville Metal system in-house.  Grain Handling products include Bucket Elevators, Distributors, Drag Conveyors, Screw Conveyors and Catwalk & Support Towers.  Dust Collection products include Fans, Cyclones, Filters, Airlocks, and Storage Bins – and our world-class facilities are equipped with the latest metalworking machinery including CNC equipment for cutting, punching, and forming steel.

U-Trough Augers

Honeyville Flanged U-Trough Screw Conveyors are a product that has been put into our grain handling line to fill a niche where limited space is a problem. The U-Trough can be used in applications where you need to "force feed" a product that can't be done with a chain type convey system.

SOME of the features include.

  • Flanges connectors:  Pre-fitted and welded to the u-trough ends.
  • Galvanized covers:  Standard bolt on covers.
  • Dodge Gear drives:  Torque Arm II speed reducers with overhead motor mounts and belt guards.
  • Motor mount options:  Overhead, Left, or Right side mounts available.
  • Screw options:  Helicoid, Sectional, or shorter pitches.
  • #226 Hanger Bearings:  Options of Wood or Nylon designed for your specific application.
  • Trough section:  Hot dipped galvanized after welding.
  • See chart below for specifications. 
The table below can be scrolled left and right to view all data.
Specifications for HMI U-Trough Screw Conveyor
Auger Dia.Tube Dia.Capacity Range In BPHHP Range
6"7"200 - 45010
9"10"500 - 1,7003 to 10
12"13"2,000 - 3,5005 to 15
14"15"3,500 - 5,5007-1/2 to 20
16"17"6,500 - 8,0007-1/2 to 25