About Us

Honeyville Metal manufactures a complete line of commercial and agricultural galvanized bucket elevators, pit type incline drag conveyors, conveyor supports and towers along with related accessories for the agricultural industry.

We also manufacture a complete line of fans, cyclones, baghouse filters, airlocks, storage bins, trunkline and other components for the dust collection industry. Our equipment is currently being used in seed houses, feed mills, and for various types of dust in the woodworking industry.

Nearly all the components that make up a Honeyville dust collection system or Grain handling system are manufactured in our plant.

Honeyville Metal equipment is being used throughout North America.

Honeyville began in 1951 in a rural area of Topeka, Indiana. Over the years our facilities have grown steadily and we now have over 191,000 square feet of office, warehouse and manufacturing area. Our production facility includes a CNC laser cutter, CNC plasma cutters, turret punch presses, press brakes, shears, and rolls. As we’ve grown, our top priority has remained the same, producing high quality products at competitive prices.