Shaker Filters

Dust Collection

Cleaning dust from your workplace’s air is vital to helping reduce employee exposure to potentially dangerous levels of contaminants. Proper dust collection can mean increased visibility and reduced costs for the cleanup and maintenance of your facility. It also helps you comply with health and air emission standards, reduces the possibility of causing a nuisance for your neighbors and can even help you recover valuable by-products from the air.

Shaker Filters

The Honeyville Shaker Filter ("SF") Series is ideal for small shops where you have the option to shut down the system periodically to shake the bags.  It is available in 8 sizes with a recommended capacity range from 1,000 CFM to 6,000 CFM.  This unit can be installed inside or outside your shop.

The SF Series is designed for use as an after filter for venting air from a primary cyclone.  Some light dust applications allow the SF Series to be connected directly to a fan outlet serving as a primary filter.

Some of the features include

  • Construction:  All galvanized, bolted steel construction for years of service.
    • 14 and 16 Ga. panels, 12 Ga. cell plate.
  • Assembly Arrangements:  Open Bag Area Units if installed indoors or Totally Enclosed Units for outdoor or indoor installations
  • Bag Shaker Options:  Manual Shaker or Motorized Shaker (required on totally enclosed units)
  • Bags:  5" dia. 10.5 oz polyester seamless knit bags
  • Hopper:  Low profile hopper, sloped hopper w/ steel barrels, or sloped hopper w/ plastic collection bags
  • Return Air:  Optional return air manifold for outdoor installations
The table below can be scrolled left and right to view all data.
Specifications for HMI Shaker Filters
ModelSq Ft of ClothStd. InletO.A. LengthO.A. WidthO.A. HeightO.A. Height w/ Hopper & Stand For Barrels
SF-30S20410" Dia.37-1/2"43-1/2"92-1/4"147-1/2"
SF-3028812" Dia.37-1/243-1/2118-1/4173-1/2
SF-48S32614" Dia.55-1/243-1/292-1/4147-1/2
SF-4846014" Dia.55-1/243-1/2118-1/4173-1/2
SF-78S53016" Dia.85-1/243-1/292-1/4147-1/2
SF-7874818" Dia.85-1/243-1/2118-1/4173-1/2
SF-96S65220" Dia.103-1/243-1/292-1/4147-1/2
SF-9692020" Dia.103-1/243-1/2118-1/4173-1/2