EFM Pulse-Jet Filters

Dust Collection

Cleaning dust from your workplace’s air is vital to helping reduce employee exposure to potentially dangerous levels of contaminants. Proper dust collection can mean increased visibility and reduced costs for the cleanup and maintenance of your facility. It also helps you comply with health and air emission standards, reduces the possibility of causing a nuisance for your neighbors and can even help you recover valuable by-products from the air.

EFM Pulse-Jet Filters

The Honeyville EFM Pulse-Jet Filter is designed to be an after filter for your existing cyclone.  In some situations with fine dust that does not require a cyclone, the EFM becomes a primary filter.  EFM Filters are available in 10 sizes to meet your dust collection needs and can operate up to 30,950 CFM.

Some of the standard features include.

  • Construction:  All-bolted construction using G90 galvanized steel formed panels
  • Baffles:  Particulate deflector baffles
  • Hopper:  60 degree 2-way sloped hopper
  • Enclosure:  Pulse Valve enclosure to protect from the elements
  • Ladder:  Service ladder and perimeter safety railing
  • Bags:  4.6" dia. 16 oz. polyester bags with mirror finish
  • Cages:  4.5" dia. galvanized wire cages
  • Bag Removal:  No-tool bag and cage removal
  • Inlet:  High entry inlet with velocity drop chamber
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Specifications for HMI EFM Filters
ModelNo. of BagsNo. of ValvesSq Ft of ClothComp. Air SCFMNo of Explosion PanelsO.A. Hgt