Honeyville Bucket Elevators

Grain Handling Equipment

Today, we design, deliver, and install our systems in seed houses, feed mills, and lumber processing facilities world wide.  We also manufacture nearly every component of a Honeyville Metal system in-house.  Grain Handling products include Bucket Elevators, Distributors, Drag Conveyors, Screw Conveyors and Catwalk & Support Towers.  Dust Collection products include Fans, Cyclones, Filters, Airlocks, and Storage Bins – and our world-class facilities are equipped with the latest metalworking machinery including CNC equipment for cutting, punching, and forming steel.

Honeyville Bucket Elevators

Honeyville Bucket Elevators are available in seven different models with capacities ranging from  1,350 BPH up to 32,000 BPH and feature heavy-duty components that are jig welded for easy assembly. All pieces are galvanized for a durable finish and a long, maintenance free life. Each elevator comes with a "No Tool Door Access"

Some of the features include:

  • HEAD:  Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction designed for clean discharge.
  • HEAD COVER:  Sectioned and hinged for easy service of internal components.
  • HEAD PULLEY:  Crowned and fitted with tapper-lock bushings, non-slip rough top  lagging for maximum traction.
  • BELT:  High strength PVC belt for minimal stretch, impregnated solid carcass, pre-punched for easy bucket mounting.  SOR Rubber belt is available as an option.
  • BUCKETS:  High Quality Polyethylene CC Deep Terminal design.  Steel buckets are available upon request.
  • BOOT:  Heavy gauge galvanized steel. Easy to adjust take-ups for boot pulley. High or low,  standard or expanded width hopper. Hand slide clean-out gates positioned on each side.
  • TRUNKING:  Twin box construction. Heavy gauge ASTM A-526 G90 galvanized steel Double seam, jig welded for perfect alignment. Inspection sections feature easy access to belt and buckets through inspection doors. Honeyville utilizes ten 90° bends for greater vertical strength and structural integrity.
  • LADDER AND SAFETY CAGE:  Available for all models of Honeyville Bucket Elevators.
The table below can be scrolled left and right to view all data.
Specifications for HMI Bucket Elevators
ModelStd. Capacity Range In BPHStd. Bucket SizeHP Range
34-141,350 - 1,5506" x 4"1-1/2 to 7-1/2
38-201,900 - 2,2507" x 5"2 to 15
43-243,200 - 3,7509" x 5"5 to 25
48-304,600 - 5,75010" x 6"7-1/2 to 40
54-365,700 - 8,00012" x 6"10 to 50
60-369,300 - 13,00016" x 7"15 to 75
66-4214,250 - 18,00018" x 8"30 to 150
66-42-2xx 20,500 - 32,000 Varies - 2-Rows