High Efficiency, High Volume Cyclones

Dust Collection

Cleaning dust from your workplace’s air is vital to helping reduce employee exposure to potentially dangerous levels of contaminants. Proper dust collection can mean increased visibility and reduced costs for the cleanup and maintenance of your facility. It also helps you comply with health and air emission standards, reduces the possibility of causing a nuisance for your neighbors and can even help you recover valuable by-products from the air.

High Efficiency, High Volume Cyclones

Honeyville has 10 sizes of High Efficiency / High Volume ("HE/HV") cyclones available for applications where maximum efficiency is required.  The tall body and steep cone design assures a faster drop of material to the cone outlet.

Honeyville HE/HV cyclones feature the following:

  • MATERIAL:  Body and cone constructed of heavy gauge, welded hot rolled ("HR") carbon steel.  The cyclone is flanged at the mid-section to bolt together at the job site.
    • Optional Materials:  Abrasion Resistant ("AR") Steel, G90 Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel
  • INLET:  135° scroll involute inlet to move material past the interior conical baffle.
  • VENT:  Low velocity tangential vent outlet for less air turbulence.
  • EXTERIOR SURFACE:  The exterior for cyclones made with HR or AR steel are finished with a base primer coat followed by  industrial alkyd enamel paint.
  • CONE ACCESS DOOR*:  14" diameter, bolt-on panel, flush with the inside surface.
    *Standard on all cyclones 36" and larger. Optional 20" door panel is available.
The table below can be scrolled left and right to view all data.
Specifications for HMI HE/HV Cyclones
ModelDia.Str. Side HgtCone HgtCFM RangeWeight
MH36HE/HV36544'2"2200-2800 500#